Welcome to Alouette Holiday Rentals

Welcome to Alouette Holiday Rentals


Wherever you choose to stay in France, each region is very different and offers a plethora of amazing sites and things to do.  From wine tasting and gastronomy at a St Emilion Wine Tour, Paloma Beach Saint Jean, Cap Ferrat, a spectacular cove nestled deep within greenery and in a breath-taking location, or The Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the pulse of Paris design.

France is a formation when French culture was historically shaped by Celtic, Roman and German cultures. As these influences evolved, France became a patchwork of local communities and customs. What’s true for one community may not be true for another. Despite the growing global culture today, France has made an effort to preserve the cultures of its smaller communities for its citizens and guests to enjoy.

The French motto “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” reflects the values of French society. Equality and unity are important to the French. The French also value style and sophistication, and they take pride in the beauty and artistry of their country.  The slopes of Chamonix the sun-drenched beaches of the Cote d'Azur, the art, fashion and culture of the Parisian beat, the expansive scenery of Occitanie to the Chateau's and Sparkling Wine of the Loire something for the entire family.

The French Experience

ARTE DE VIVRE A quality of life, a philosophy, desires and pleasures … which around the world have no comparable. "The French cultivate a passion for the art of living." as no other.

But what are the characteristics of this way of life that inspires the world and the more than 89 million internationals who visit France each year?

Country of culture, art, or even elegance, with its exhibitions, its artists, and its creators … the image that diffuses the French lifestyle is not easy to describe with the many elements that compose it.

Like many, the French are at the center of many clichés. But it would seem that this does not remove the desire of internationals to discover and appropriate this “art of living” which makes France. That places the country in the 1st rank of the most visited countries in the world year after year

This “French Touch” is the taste of the French for luxury, haute couture, elegance, literature, culture and cuisine. Here in France, you are spoiled for choice with all the different Regions and Local Sites

Explore France

As the world’s most visited country, France provides inspiration wherever you decide to visit and explore.


Aquitaine, in the far southwest corner of France, belonged to the English Crown during the Middle Ages and British wine lovers today may mourn the fact that it passed back to the French! St Emilion is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this stunning town with views and its environs has been known for its vineyards since Roman times.

Getting to Aquitaine you have the international airports are located at Toulouse, Bordeaux – and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. There are also European-flight airports at Bergerac and Carcassonne. TGV express train stations are located at Bordeaux, Montauban and Toulouse; and many other towns in the region have railway connections.


A small village of about 200 residents, located in the Lot Department in southwestern France, Saint-Cirq Lapopie is perched high on a limestone cliff, 100 meters above the Lot River. Driving up the winding road, there are glimpses of the cliff top and church steeple, but nothing will prepare you for the incredible setting high in the sky. Twenty minutes down the road is:


An exploration of Pech Merle and the other caves is not just about seeing the world as prehistoric humans saw it. It's also about feeling it, breathing in the damp smell of the subterranean surroundings, listening to the sound of water dripping and imagining what it was to be confronted with dense darkness, with only torches of fire to light the way through the caves. 


Two thousand years of history between men and vines are waiting for you in the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion, a remarkable example of a historical vineyard that has travelled through the ages and yet is still the same. Wine enthusiasts don’t need an introduction to Saint Emilion. The small wine appellation (comprising of only 6% of the vineyards in the Bordeaux) has long gained a reputation as one of the greatest wine regions in the world. It is no wonder it attracts more than a million tourists every year. However, when many visitors plan their day trip to Saint Emilion they do not realize it is also one of the most beautiful and fascinating villages in the Southwest of France, registered as a heritage site by UNESCO.   Stay in our beautiful Manoir dÁleksandr in St Medards des Guizieres for up to 16 guests per stay. and just 20 minutes from the heart of Saint Emilion. A beautiful example of a classic chic, French d'Hote.